Action wheelie MM93.  MotoGP USA.

Action wheelie MM93.  MotoGP USA.


“There are only three sports: bullfighting, motor racing, and mountaineering; all the rest are merely games.Ernest Hemingway

Well, I could pass on bullfighting – let’s face it, that shit is crazy. And as a vegetarian I cannot embrace that sport, it’s just not right for me. Mountaineering is inspiring but not exactly a spectator sport. But, motor racing, yes there we have something. Personally I embrace the life of motorcycle racing. Clearly not as a participant, I seriously have challenges driving my car and I am a novice motorcyclist on a good day, but as a spectator. Yup, Hemmingway is on to something…

In a world of bad news, fake news and depressing news this site will offer a place of inspiration and respite. A world of dotards and covfefe can really drag a person down. Global climate change, gunmen, the opiate epidemic, oh my – I can’t take it anymore. So in response, I offer a place to experience the remarkable, to share the extraordinary and embrace the adventure of life. Follow your heroes, follow the adventurers, follow the inspired and follow them here. A place to follow the life of Moto GP – the races, the athletes, the locations, the lifestyle. A place to follow Moto Adventurers – their journeys, their observations, their ambition, their passion. And finally a place to explore the hodgepodge of motorcycle inspired elements – the odds and ends and interesting things that go along with motorcycle life.


Life of Moto

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About Life of Moto

The major contributor is me, Emily Miller.  I am a long time Central Oregon resident, mother of 2, wife of 1, lover of animals (especially my dog Chief), exercise fanatic, dreamer, tenacious accomplisher, lover of life and embracer of inspiration.  Most importantly, I believe in community and what our community has to offer.  The goal of this site is to bring like-minded people together in a positive way, explore what bonds us, share our experiences and inspiration, and learn from one another.  Enjoy!