Have you seen the Ken Burns Civil War documentary? There is a historian feature on this documentary named Shelby Foote whom was the supreme civil war expert of our time. He was once commissioned to write an article about the Civil War which upon completion ended up be this enormous anthology and complete reference set of the Civil War which was
2,968 pages and 3 books.  I am afraid that writing this piece could turn into something along those lines, a complete MotoGP anthology of 2018. My goal is to discuss my 2018 MotoGP predictions but as I sit here thinking about it I realize there are a million ways to go with this one. How can I narrow it down to a page or so? I could write about one piece of the puzzle endlessly, let along the entirety of upcoming season. I guess I just need to get started and see where this road leads. I hope it doesn’t lead to 2,968 pages, that’s all I’m saying.  Shall we, Moto people?

PART 1/Chapter 1

 The legend, Mr. Valentino Rossi.

The legend, Mr. Valentino Rossi.

First and foremost in many a fans mind, let’s talk Valentino Rossi. Will this or won’t this be his final season? Will this or won’t this be his 10th World Championship? Will his or won’t his team spot go to Zarco in 2019? Is he or isn’t he too old for this young man’s sport? Let’s explore…

MY WISH: I would love nothing more than to see the legend take a 10th championship and keep with the sport for a few more years.

MY PREDICTION: He will perform well, as he always does, showing us fans that he is worthy of a spot in the MotoGP pack and worthy of a factory bike.  He is worthy.  Even after all these years in the sport he consistently preforms well and achieves top 10 finishes.  I believe this year will be about the same as the past few years, he will give us a good show, give us some wins and some loses, he will be a helluva good sport and a joy to watch. In my prediction, this will be one of his last years racing and this comes from a person who has lived through turning 40 years old.  Being a 40 year old athlete is way more difficult than being a 22 year old athlete. Getting hurt hurts more, recovery times take longer, your body stops cooperating as it did as a younger body and stamina starts to decrease. I think this season might not be his last and I certainly expect he will always be in the sport but I think the retirement clock is ticking. Secondarily, I don’t think championship number 10 for Mr. Rossi is in the cards if you look at the other talent in MotoGP in 2018. There is loads of talent maturing and maintaining their form on the grid. 

To summarize and to answer my earlier questions:

Will this be Valentino Rossi’s final season? I don’t know but I think his retirement will be sooner than later. I think this answer will become clear in the first half of the season and we will all be watching with baited breath. 

Will this be his 10th World Championship? I am very skeptical as a fellow mid-lifer that he can pull it off but I will think good thoughts for his success. Do it for the over 35 crowd, Rossi.  We are counting on you!

Will Zarco take over at Yamaha? Yep

Is he too old for the sport? No way, it just might be a bigger challenge for him. I think he is up for it though.

Stay Tuned for PART2/Chapter 2….

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Wait for it.....

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